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From the results of our research taken more than years ,we have found that the best thing the mask should possess is the endurability and the safety of the mask. Because what we sell is the protection for the users from the danger of the bullets of the paintball and the airsoft. So we choose to design and produce the masks by using industrial method instead of using hands in order to be sure that our every mask has the same high quality and last but not least to add a touch of art into that high quality product under the brand name Onimaru.

Made by professionals for professionals.


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Escape From LA was created on March 1, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia after solo American DJ's/Producers, DJ Kai and DJ Blaine, decided to bring both of their styles and ideas to the music world. Many of their influences such as, Daft Punk, The Bloody Beetroots, Justice, MSTRKRFT, and Pendulum, gave birth to their style of music, which includes: house, electro, and dance.